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Welcome to the Fiat 126 Club....

The Fiat 126 Club has just celebrated its 1st birthday already we have over 80 members and this figure is increasing. We aim to keep this terrific little car on our roads and keep everyone smiling (not just ourselves), by providing invaluable technical advice, discounts, & friendly chats.

Our 126forum has attracted 366 users from around the world and this number is rapidly increasing. Whether you're an orginal 70's aircooled owner, FSM aircooled owner or a 126 BIS owner we are all here to help keep 126's about [Join Now]


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Member Pics
Uxbridge Autoshow 16th July 2006
Auto Italia, Stamford Hall 11th july 2006
David Mcneice's (126cab) Fiat 126 BIS convertible
Fiat 126 Key Dates Time Line - illustrating the life of the orginal Fiat 126 from 72', the Fiat 126 de ville and the Fiat 126 BIS

1972 - The Fiat 126 was announced at the Turin Motor Show in October - The 126 proved popular with the Journalists testing them.

1973 - The Fiat 126 was launched in right hand drive in Britain (July)

1974 - New variations were seen, which included a sunroof as standard

1976 - The arrival of the Fiat 126 de Ville with an up rated engine of 652cc. The bore was increased from 73.5mm to 77.0mm giving 1bhp more and 2ftlbs more torque. The brakes were increased from 170mm diameter to 185mm diameter.

(Special models of the de Ville incorporated velour cloth seats)

Carpets - Cloth trim (on the lower part of the doors) - More powerful breaks - Sound proofing - Heated rear window - Alternator

1980 - Fiat stopped production of the 126 in Italy. By this time Italy had produced 1,352,912 cars. Although the 126 were still massively in demand & so production moved to Poland and made by Italy. Where production was financially more viable.

1980 - 1992 - During the period the company FSM which roughly translates as "The small car factory" exported over 897,000 cars all around the world from Italy to Australia.

1985 - In May the 652cc 126 received the engine from the Polish 650E version with higher compression ratio of 8.0:1 and revised ignition settings.

1987 - Announcement of the dissimilar BIS to the air-cooled in September. With a horizontal water-cooled 704cc engine, transformed the 126 into a hatchback. (The engine almost identically located as the Giardiniera (Fiat 500 estate van)

1992 - The end of an era: The last year of production of the Fiat 126 intended for Britain was in 1992 where the BIS was subsequently (replaced by the Cinquecento)

2000 - FSM in Poland continued to produce the air-cooled 126 untill 2000, with slight revisions to the car including the bodywork panels and eradication of the triangular windows.

The Fiat 126 may no longer be in production but will certainly be seen on our roads for years to come!

[Please email if you feel a key date has been missed out or if there are mistakes in the content] _____ Thank you to for providing some of the information!!


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