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A RED 1989 BIS with tow A frame!!! Excellent Condition!



This is a superb BIS which has been well looked after and maintained! With 32,000 miles on the clock.

It has been towed behind a motor home, and when being towed the car is barely noticeable!, and offers inexpensive and reliable motoring.


£750 without A fram tow bar or £990 with tow bar

Call Alan on: - 01202 389623


*****SOLD!!!!! A VERY nice restoration project!! Fiat 126 Aircooled Engine and Loads of other parts SOLD!!!!!*****

I have a fiat 126 for sale, 1975 600cc stripped in the garage.The shell (with log book) is not bad with new front wings, cills, rear wing repair panels, but it has been left out and other bits want attention, althoughoverall it is good. The engine is fit and fire up, three gearboxes. a virtuallyl new fuel tank, enough bits to build a 652 unit, 5 good wheels and tyres, good seating and deceent interior bits, two new wings, two new floorpans, three sets of glass + seals, 4 brand new slaves and a new master, one set of copper brake pipes, a spare accelerator unit, and a host of other bits and pieces. I acquired it as part of a deal when i bought some
stationary engines.

1/ one complete engines in bits + half another. will make one good with
2/ three complete sets of glass with one set of seals, + a couple of
3/ two sets of rear light clusters.
4/ two sets of front and one set of side indicators.
5/ two handbrakes. one with cables.
6/ three accelerator peddles.
7/ complete gear change assembly.
8/ two starter motors.
9/ two chrome bumpers.
10/ one set of wheels with good (Polish) tyres.
11/ brake fluid reservoir.
12/ one set of brand new slave cylinders, master and brake pipes. (copper).
13/ complete shell with doors, boot and bonnett. see photos for corrosion
14/ one window winder mechanism.
15/ one fit and fire up engine.(594cc)
16/ complete interior. black, with crash pad.
17/ two instrument binacles.

18/ one wiring loom
19/ two wiper motor assembly complete.
20/ two coils.
21/ two rear coil springs and various front sus bits.
22/ stearing box and two column switch gear.
23/ pedal box
24/ hand speed controller. (i think they now call this cruise
25/ dynamo
26/ various metal cooling duct pieces.
27/ one heater duct
28/ exhaust brackets.
29/ two sets of brake shoes.
30/ drums.
31/ some new assorted gaskets
32/ dizzy cap
33/ air intake ducting
34/ one fuel tank, nearly new + locking cap.
35/ various clutch bits, driven plates and spring plates.
36/ two door handles. in and out.
37/ one handbook for car. proper fiat one, not a reprint!!!!
other bits i have forgotten about.
The shell is not as bad as itlooks and comes with vin plates and log book.

Email Chris:

1979 Fiat 126 Personal 650cc FOR SALE

I have a 1979 126 personal4 650cc air cooled sunroof model. She has been garaged for the last 14 years . She has only done 55,000 miles and is complete . The front road spring has sagged and will need refurbishingand after this time the brakes ( which work fine) will need attention . I have fitted a new battery and she starts and runs well the gearbox and clutch function as they should. The floor is solid and the sills have been repaired. I would like £200.00 ono for the car.
I live in south Birmingham and can be contacted on and i will email you pictures of the car.
Regards Iain Andrews

Fiat 126 704cc FOR SALE

Got Fiat 126 BIS J reg for sale. Not running, no tax, no MOT. Anyone interested. Offers? Kingston London SW!5.